23red scoops Film & TV Charity mental health brief

midsomer_murdersThe Film & TV Charity, which offers a wide range of financial, practical and emotional support to people who work in the industry, has appointed 23red to launch a 12-month campaign as part of its ongoing work to address the mental health emergency in the sector.

The six-figure brief will see 23red delivering behaviour change, communications and media planning expertise and a collaborative approach to working the charity, which was established in the early days of cinema in 1924.

The campaign will launch as the charity enters the second year of its Whole Picture Programme, the industry-funded response to the mental health emergency uncovered in The Looking Glass Survey in 2019.

The ambitions for The Film & TV Charity are to change culture and improve attitudes and behaviours to reduce stigma around mental health and to challenge preconceptions about having a mental health problem.

It also wants to address unhealthy behaviours and attitudes so workers can feel their workplace is healthier and more open. And finally to explain the benefits of healthy and open workplaces by demonstrating the business benefits of investing in improving working environments.

23red business director Sadie Westwood said: “The Film & TV Charity has been instrumental in providing necessary support to workers in the film, TV and cinema industry across the UK. We’re thrilled to be appointed as the charity’s agency to help address the widening mental health crisis connected to unhealthy behaviours such as bullying.

“Positive behaviour change is at the core of what we do at 23red and we’re looking forward to working alongside the charity to deliver on Whole Picture Programme’s 10-year vision to help create a lasting change to the working environment within the sector.”

The Film & TV Charity’s head of marketing and communications, Mike Hird, added: “The film and TV industry is in enormous growth and people are passionate about what they do. But putting their heart and soul into their work is also what makes them vulnerable.

“Through this high-profile campaign, we hope to not only showcase the support available for everyone working across the industry, but also to encourage our partners and leaders from across the industry to advocate for meaningful, lasting change.

“We were impressed with 23red’s behaviour change experience and their partnership approach to tackling the issues to make everyone part of the solution, individuals as well as companies.”

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