700,000 customers sign up for British Gas Rewards

british gas new 2Centrica is hailing the success of the £100m British Gas Rewards scheme, launched in April last year, claiming that just under 9% of its UK domestic base – 700,000 customers – have signed up to the loyalty programme.
The move comes despite the loss of an equivalent number of customers – 750,000 – during 2017, although the company claimed that 70% of those accounts were loss-making. British Gas now has 7.8 million UK domestic customers.
And while Centrica Group as a whole saw profits drop 17% to £1.25bn, British Gas profits rose 3% to £572m.
In a statement, the firm said: “In Q4 we developed new customer offers targeted at increasing customer value, including the launch of our on-line only tariff, bundling energy with services or connected home products and more sophisticated risk-based services pricing. We will continue to develop these offers further in 2018. ”
“We launched British Gas Rewards in April, which uses our data to gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences and allows customers to select personalised offers, like loyalty energy days.
“Over 700,000 customers have signed up to date and we are already seeing greater customer engagement, with retention rates 1.4ppt higher for customers signed up to British Gas Rewards.”

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