Bladerunner ads to become reality with tech start-up

bladerunnerThe outdoor industry could soon be making the giant digital ads first seen in Ridley Scott’s seminal 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner a reality, if a new venture can secure enough backing to roll it out nationwide.
Lightvert has already been awarded £250,000 of grant funding from Innovate UK and is seeking to raise a further £580,000 of seed round funding.
Its first product, called Echo, works by employing a narrow, 200mm strip of reflective material fixed to the side of a building. A high-power projector mounted below or above the strip beams light off the reflector directly into the viewer’s eye.
In February, it signed a deal with out-of-home media specialist Kinetic, as part of its newly formed KineticX tech investment division, in a deal provides the firm with access to a broad client base across Kinetic’s networks including Group M , independent agencies and Kinetic’s direct clients.
The agreement, running for 18 months, will focus on guiding the firm’s route to market, creating sales and implementing the ECHO technology into media plans.
Its technology can produce images that appear to be 200m (656ft) high, but which only exist in the eye of the viewer for a fraction of a second.
“Echo technology is being well received by those who have seen it to date,” said Daniel Siden, Lightvert’s chief executive. “Viewers are curious as to how it works and engage with it in a way you just don’t see with traditional screen media.”

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