Carrefour embraces LiveRamp to cosy up to suppliers

carrefour newFrench-owned retail giant Carrefour has expanded its global deal with LiveRamp to enable the company to build closer links with its consumer packaged goods suppliers for deeper analytics using LiveRamp’s Safe Haven platform, as it strives to put data at the heart of its business.

With a network of some 13,000 stores in more than 30 countries, the Carrefour Group is one of the world’s leading food retailers, with gross sales of €78.6bn (£68bn) in 2020.

Using LiveRamp’s platform, it is claimed that Carrefour and its packaged goods suppliers will be able to execute safe, simple and productive data collaboration across nine international markets.

Safe Haven is currently available in the US, UK, France, China, Japan and Australia, and, with Carrefour, is expanding to Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Brazil and Taiwan.

LiveRamp’s Safe Haven is part of a new business unit that Carrefour is launching, dubbed “Carrefour Links”.

Elodie Perthuisot, executive director ecommerce, data and digital transformation at Carrefour Group, said: “LiveRamp will be a critical accelerator of Carrefour’s transformation into an industry-leading data-driven retailer.

“We are delivering great value by working more collaboratively with our supply partners, working together to deliver robust new consumer insights and capabilities to hundreds of our consumer packaged goods partners on a global scale.”

The deal will allow deeper insights and analytics into campaign performance, category management, and shopper analytics. Safe Haven also offers the ability for data science teams to use their own models and machine learning.
Brand owners will also be able to activate campaigns using Carrefour data across social and open web platforms and Carrefour owned-and-operated assets.

They will also be able to better understand the impact of marketing activities on sales using retail data to drive key business outcomes.

LiveRamp president Warren Jenson said: “Data is transforming the customer experience globally – and Carrefour is at the very forefront of this trend with its Carrefour Links platform.

“With LiveRamp Safe Haven, brands and their partners can now safely collaborate to deliver better customer experiences and drive business outcomes. We are proud to enable this groundbreaking capability for Carrefour across its CPG partner network and in over nine countries.”

LiveRamp’s Safe Haven now serves more than 45 customers across retail, grocery, packaged goods, consumer electronics and other verticals.

Jenson added: “Safe Haven is enabling clients to collaborate across clouds, partners and borders to drive innovation, deliver better customer experiences and achieve competitive advantage.

“In just over a year since announcing Safe Haven, we’ve gained 30% market share within US grocery and big box retail, and in Europe are trailblazing the way with Carrefour and other leading retailers. As we continue to expand our international footprint, we are excited to now serve more than 30% of the 50 largest global consumer packaged goods companies.”

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