Client budget boost sparks new direct mail discounts

range roverRoyal Mail has extended its discounts scheme, designed to boost take-up of direct mail, on the back of positive feedback from the industry that the company’s incentives are helping to secure new budget from advertisers.
The initiative is intended to let firms see for themselves how mail – whether it be a letter, catalogue or welcome pack – can drive leads, boost return on investment for marketing initiatives and deliver increased levels of customer engagement.
According to Royal Mail MarketReach research, the ROI for the total communications budget increases by 12% when mail is included in the marketing mix. The research also showed that 87% of customers are influenced to make an online purchase as a result of receiving mail.
The move follows last month’s launch of the Testing and Innovation Scheme which covers both advertising mail and business mail – one of the first fruits of the renewed relationship between the postal operator and the Strategic Mailing Partnership – which offers discounts of up to 30%. Companies can earn discounts for tests carried out over period of up to 6 months.
Royal Mail MarketReach has now extended the Scheme for Growth Incentive – aimed at companies whic grow their use of mail – for a further 12 months. This will also include greater discounts for additional incremental mail posted up to March 25.
In addition, is has also extended its First Time User Incentive, designed to lower the entry costs of mail for companies which have never used mail before, as well as lapsed mail customers who have not spent on mail services over the past 24 months.
Companies can earn postage credits for each of their first three First Time User Campaigns, also subject to certain conditions.
Schemes will be incentivised through a series of discounts in the form of postage credits. Companies that are interested in any of the above schemes should apply via Royal Mail MarketReach.
Royal Mail MarketReach managing director Jonathan Harman said: “We’ve had some really positive feedback from the industry. We’re very keen to build on this success and help even more companies to see the potential of mail.”

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