CoppaFeel urges everyone to ‘Grab Life By The Boobs’

coppaBreast cancer charity CoppaFeel, which has never been shy in coming forward to raise awareness of the disease, is widening the target market for its 10th anniversary campaign as part of a drive to tackle the issue among BAME and transgender communities.
The campaign, devised by Fold7, asks people to “Grab Life By The Boobs” in a bid to normalise regularly checking your breasts, particularly for demographics that are statistically less likely to do so.
It follows on from the 2017 #TrustYourTouch campaign, designed to appeal to youngsters who were “more likely to go to the dentist, weigh themselves or get their eyes tested than they are to check their boobs”. It was the first ad to show a female nipple on daytime TV.
“Grab Life” features men and women, some of whom have experienced breast cancer, and highlights how checking yourself regularly could be lifesaving.
The 60-second ad opens with a series of shots of women busily getting dressed for the gym and looking after children, leading with a voiceover noting “life can be a handful”. The frame then moves to a woman lying in bed on a rainy day, pulling the sheets over her head, with the voiceover continuing “but what do you do? Back down when things get tough? Or confront them, breasts on?”.
As the narrator adds, “do you let go, or grab on for dear life?”, the film cuts to a set of snapshots of women and men checking their chests, playing rugby, swimming, and breastfeeding.
The voiceover continues: “You grab on to everything it has to offer. Your Future. Your loved ones. Yourself. So grab today. Grab tomorrow. Grab what matters.”
Closing with shots of each cast member looking directly into the camera holding their chests, the ad finishes “Grab your dreams. Grab big and squeeze plenty. It could save your life.”
The campaign will run across TV, cinema, radio, print, out of home and online from July to November, kicking off this week.
CoppaFeel creative and brand manager Sinéad Molloy said: “CoppaFeel was born out of a need for a more representative narrative around breast cancer, after our founder Kris Hallenga was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer aged 23. Grab Life By The Boobs is a celebration of grabbing on to life and a reminder to all young people that getting to know their body is the best way to put the future in their hands.”

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