DMA ‘stars of tomorrow’ secure cup and league treble

dmaThe DMA is hailing its success in giving a leg-up to the “stars of tomorrow” after revealing that the football team which carries its logo have scooped an unlikely cup and league treble.
The industry body has sponsored Westward Boys Lions for the past two years, and this season the under 12 team have not only won the 2017 Mayors Cup and the 2017 Echo League Cup, but The Echo Division B league title to boot.
According to a blog post on the DMA website,  “the DMA is phenomenally proud of the hard work done and great goals scored by the Westward Boys”.
“We know that some of the stars of tomorrow are playing in tops with our logo, and we are thrilled that we can help in some way, to give these talented youngsters the best start possible. Well done all, and best of luck for next year.”
It is not known whether the DMA’s sponsorship will stretch to organising a victory parade through the streets of  East London for the team, or a pocket money bonus for the squad, although allegedly a party at the local McDonald’s – complete with DMA chiefs dressed as Ronald McDonald – is under consideration.

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