ITV gets in early as InfoSum launches new data platform

Vera1ITV has become one of the first major brands to sign up to a new InfoSum data platform, which it is claimed will enable customer-centric organisations to collaborate across unlimited datasets, regardless of size, format, or location, unlocking advanced planning, measurement, and analytics.

Dubbed Platform Sigma, the scheme is claimed to be the most significant update in InfoSum’s history and the next evolution in secure first-party data.

ITV has used Infosum systems since 2020 and was an early adopter of so-called clean room technology, which supports its Planet V addressable TV platform.

ITV director of data strategy Lara Izlan said: “InfoSum has been an integral partner in our first-party data strategy and has played a fundamental role in both the evolution of Planet V and advancements in our marketing sophistication.

“With the launch of Platform Sigma, InfoSum enables us to deliver even more advanced and granular analytics that will unlock new opportunities for ITV and our partners.

“As an early adopter, we understand the complexities of privacy-safe data collaboration, and Platform Sigma provides the necessary advancements in our mission to maintain end-to-end security and privacy protection for our partners.”

InfoSum maintains that “Platform Sigma provides a featherweight software layer that can sit on top of any existing technology stack to power private and secure collaboration between multiple first-party datasets.

“These enhancements solve the advertising ecosystem’s interoperability challenges and allow for faster and more seamless marketing use cases including deep consumer insights, cross-channel activation, and measurement, with end-to-end protection and security.”

Included in the Platform Sigma release are Cloud Vault, a file streaming solution that lives within client’s cloud infrastructure to fully operationalise first-party data without movement, enabling organisations to select, join, and publish data for collaboration with complete control.

Meanwhile, Transformation enables enterprise organisations to easily manage, prepare, process, query, and activate first-party data. Transform complex, multi-dimensional datasets as well as log-level files, saving both time and money for users, InfoSum insists.

There is also a feature called App Exchange, designed to create deeper connections with data and analytics partners through an integrated development framework that enables third parties to build web applications directly on our secure infrastructure to provide advanced insights and functionality.

Finally, it also includes a Query Engine and an Open API facility.

InfoSum chairman and CEO Brian Lesser said: “InfoSum has been the driving force behind the rapid adoption of data clean rooms and privacy-enhancing technology. Platform Sigma takes InfoSum’s lead in the industry even further.

“Platform Sigma represents the next stage in data collaboration, eliminating all barriers to entry for enterprise organizations to extract the full value from their first-party data – safely and securely – with no risk and no limits.”

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