REaD Group signs InfoSum deal to boost data matching

1219 REaD Group - Jon Cano-LopezData and insight company REaD Group has signed a partnership with identity infrastructure provider InfoSum to make REaD’s UK-wide permissioned database of online and offline consumer data available for brands, publishers and more to discover new insights and improve audience targeting.

InfoSum claims to empower companies to unlock the full potential of their data by enabling collaboration between data-rich companies. Through a decentralised infrastructure, brands, media owners, data owners and other enterprise companies can connect data without ever sharing it.

InfoSum’s identity infrastructure allows REaD to make its responsible and diverse third-party data available for companies to match first-party customer data to interest and behavioural data to enrich their customer understanding. By removing the need to share any data, the privacy of the end consumer is protected, as is the security of each data set.

REaD’s marketing database has hundreds of selectable variables that can be used to create highly targeted and timely campaigns. The database is multi-contributor and permissioned specifically for marketing. It combines hundreds of lifestyle variables covering demographics, interests, hobbies, behavioural and attitudinal insights, channel preferences and geodemographics to help target campaigns at every level.

In addition, social media and open source data is added to create variables that can be appended at different geographic levels. It is claimed that this insight provides advertisers with the ability to understand how many of their key segments are available to match against media owner first-party data, enabling accurate media planning, without the need to exchange any data.

For the first month after launch, access to REaD Group’s data variables will be provided free of charge by InfoSum for brands and media owners to generate audience insights, providing them with an opportunity to see the value of the data set before making a commitment to partner.

REaD Group chief executive Jon Cano Lopez (pictured) commented: “We are excited to partner with InfoSum and provide advertisers with a privacy-first way to better target their campaigns using a one-to-one match against our comprehensive database. It also ensures publishers can maximise the value of their engaged audiences. We look forward to close collaboration over the coming months as we work with mutual advertisers and publishers on their many use cases.”

InfoSum VP sales Stuart Colman added: “REaD Group’s extensive audience insights will enable companies to enrich their first-party data and continue to deliver relevant advertising experiences in the cookieless world, while respecting the trust and privacy of consumers.”

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