Top data firms unite to tackle Covid surge in data decay

home 1Four of the UK’s leading providers of customer data hygiene services have buried the hatchet to collaborate for the first time ever to tackle record levels of data decay triggered by the impact of Covid-19 on the UK’s rate of mortality and home-movers.

The partnership – forged by The Software Bureau, REaD Group, Royal Mail and Mortascreen – has launched Clean Contacts, which is claimed to be the first data hygiene product for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365, one the world’s largest CRM platforms.

The move coincides with a new study by The Software Bureau which reveals that the rate of data decay has accelerated by 6% over the past year, meaning that annual data decay now stands at 37.5%.

In July 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced the Stamp Duty Holiday to reignite the UK economy following the first Lockdown. This has resulted in the most buoyant property market since 2008, with a 10% year-on-year rise in home-movers.

This week’s Budget is likely to see the Stamp Duty Holiday further extended, resulting in greater numbers of home-movers well into 2021. Tragically, the pandemic has also led to a significant rise in the UK death rate which is currently running 15% higher than average.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, Clean Contacts enables automated batch data cleansing of UK consumer data, so Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers can identify if an individual has moved home, where they have moved to or if they have passed away. It draws from a pool of over 250 million verified, regularly updated records from the UK’s tier one data providers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is claimed to be the first CRM platform to offer in-platform data hygiene, making the process less time consuming, more efficient and significantly less risky as the data does not leave the Microsoft ecosystem.

Clean Contacts is configured to work within API limits, little storage is required and there is an easy and transparent subscription pricing model starting at £51.75 per month.

Software Bureau head of sales and marketing for Clean Contacts Ben Warren commented: “With the impact of the pandemic on data decay, data cleansing is becoming more important, particularly for organisations that are increasing marketing activity at this time in order to keep customers engaged.

“Many organisations host their data on Microsoft Dynamics 365 so providing them with a secure and cost effective data cleansing solution was a no-brainer.”

Microsoft Business Applications partner development manager Lucy Bourne added: “We are delighted to welcome Clean Contacts onto the growing global ecosystem of Business Applications ISVs for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers.

The fact that they are the first platform to carry an in-platform data hygiene solution demonstrates the importance we place on GDPR and best practice marketing. This will be a welcome solution for our customers, enabling them to clean and update their data quickly and easily – all within the safety of our ecosystem.”

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