Marketers must tackle ‘three Ms’ to succeed in 2022

consumersBrand success in 2022 will require an understanding of mood, monotony, and motivation, with consumers wanting unique, attention-grabbing creativity delivered in a personalised way.

So says a new study by global marketing agency Team Lewis, launched in partnership with market research firm GWI.

Covering the UK, US, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, and Spain, the report dives into how today’s “multi-moment” audience is evolving and the changes the pandemic has brought about in marketing.

With a rise in screen time and device ownership, unrestrained social media usage and growing concerns surrounding privacy, today’s audiences have an increased desire to impact the world around them.

These shifts point to three key themes covered in the report – ending monotony to avoid marketing immunity; understanding how mood can impact an audience; and tapping into key motivators to foster more meaningful connections.

For instance, screen time continues to grow in most countries, with the exception of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the US and, globally, consumers own at least three devices;  Brits, along with Americans, Germans and Italians are above the global average when it comes to device ownership.

When it comes to privacy, the top concern among consumers globally is how companies use their personal data online (39%) followed by a preference to maintain anonymity online (34%).

Team Lewis executive creative director Simon Billington said: “Consumer expectations of a brand’s interaction with them is clear. It’s no longer as simple as getting in front of your audience with a single message as many times as possible. The complexity of message and the vehicle the message is delivered in is paramount to success.”

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