Wunderman Thompson reveals 100 forecasts for 2022

crystal ballsWhen it comes to industry predictions for the year ahead, most marketing experts might stretch to half-a-dozen at a pinch but WPP agency Wunderman Thompson is aiming to top the lot to offer up 100 trend forecasts across 10 sectors to give everyone the heads-up on what to expect in 2022.

Contained in the 8th edition of its Future 100: 2022, the crystal ball of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s unit spans tech, culture, travel and hospitality, brands and marketing, food and drink, beauty, retail and commerce, luxury, health, and work.

While Decision Marketing readers – by their very nature exceedingly busy professionals – might not have time to read the full 100 in one sitting, the highlights include:

Virtual teleportation: Technologists are opening up digital portals into a new virtual dimension that offers more intimate, close-to-reality in-person interactions.

3D audio: Immersive listening ushers in the next generation of audio experiences.

Rise of the Super Apps: Super apps offer multiple functions on a single platform so brands may communicate seamlessly.

China tech crackdown: A crackdown on technology is reshaping China’s economy and society.

Carbon neutral browsing: Brands are redesigning their online experiences to be less damaging to the environment.

Finite social networks: Social networking takes a mindful “less is more” approach.

Advanced avatars: Photorealistic digital humans are moving from our screens to the real world—make way for the next-generation avatars.

Carbontech Futures: The world shift toward net zero ushers in a new boom in carbontech.

Cryptonomics: As cryptocurrency becomes regulated and legitimized, the future of digital economies comes closer.

Puritech: Focus on air quality means innovative purifying technology is being used to mitigate climate change effects in public spaces.

Wunderman Thompson Intelligence global director Emma Chiu said: “In 2021, cautious optimism set the pace as the world reflected on the challenges of 2020 and looked to a year of societal healing.

“This year ushers in a resolute positivity that encourages playfulness and creativity. This optimistic outlook will take us on a journey into the near future, where a new digital era is on the horizon as the metaverse shifts from a sci-fi concept into reality.

“Lifestyles and businesses will shift to become climate friendly as being sustainable is no longer enough, while the physical and emotional tax of the last two years is forging a holistic, sensitive, and nuanced approach to wellbeing.

“Brands and marketers are leading with positivity, eager to provide joy in people’s lives by creating euphoric ads as they too ride the optimistic wave.”

The full report is available from the Wunderman Thompson website> 

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