Wunderman launches CX content platform fuelled by AI

Mark Read WPPWunderman Thompson is aiming to put artificial intelligence at the centre of brands’ customer experience strategies with the launch of a new platform that it claims gives marketing, creative and production teams total content quality assurance at scale.

Dubbed WPP Open Brand Guardian, the AI driven platform is designed as an intelligent content quality management solution that plugs into existing production processes and reviews assets – images, video and text –  to provide valuable insights “in minutes”.

The tool covers areas such as brand governance, enabling brands to be consistent across their digital activity; inclusion, ensuring communications provide diversity and accessibility assurances; compliance, meaning legal, industry and market requirements are taken care of and, finally, creative, applying best practice to boost content performance and optimising assets for every destination.

As the official blurb states: “Given the proliferation of channels and the increasing sophistication of personalisation, this might mean managing hundreds of thousands of assets at any one time to fulfil the extraordinary burden that this puts on content delivery.

“Speed is of the essence but ensuring quality and consistency is an almost impossible task given the number of partners, markets and regions that can be involved. What if we could train artificial intelligence to be part of your team and do some of the heavy lifting for you?”

Wunderman claims that Brand Guardian has shown it saves teams up to 50% effort, compared to a manual process. And by removing approval bottlenecks, it means that teams can create assets 20% faster, the agency insists.

It adds that “leading brands are now realising the power of Brand Guardian, putting it to the test across their content supply chain. As the solution assumes a wider range of repetitive or mundane tasks, it delivers major efficiencies, freeing up teams to focus more on inspiring creativity or strategic work”.

Wunderman has yet to name any clients which are already using the platform, but given that the WPP agency works for many of the biggest brands in the world, it is safe to say that the likes of HSBC, Samsung, Shell, Nestlé, and Unilever will be firmly in its sights.

The agency goes on to quote its “Building Better Experiences” survey, which reveals that while 47% of IT and marketing decision-makers are plugging AI into regulatory compliance today, 79% expect to so in the future.

Moreover, where 46% are using AI to help with accessibility assurance now, 70% expect to in future. And where only 35% are relying on AI for brand governance currently, double that number (70%) say they will use AI in this context in future.

WPP has been banging the AI drum for a number of years, launching its first AI division back in 2018, with Wunderman AI Services.

And last month the group acquired London-based AI firm Satalia, for an undisclosed sum. Formed in 2008, the firm builds tools to help companies improve efficiency and develop business strategy.

At the time, WPP chief executive Mark Read said: “Advances in technology are revolutionising how people live, work and shop, how brands go to market, and how products and services are delivered. Clients are looking for end-to-end solutions that harness these technologies to grow their business.”

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