M&C Fluency jumps into bed with AWS for AI boost

Amar Vyasto_M&C Saatchi2M&C Saatchi Group’s data and technology solutions division, Fluency, has signed a deal with Amazon Web Services to scale the use of AI, machine learning, and generative AI across its data products and services, in a move it claims heralds a new era in bringing “frictionless AI-powered solutions” to its clients globally.

By moving from on-premises to AWS, Fluency insists it will be able to supercharge the delivery of new data-driven products, driving growth and efficiency across its business, expanding Fluency’s capabilities in how it understands, reaches and interacts with audiences while driving marketing effectiveness.

Fluency will use AWS’ services to bolster many of its existing products, including Brand Desire, and Total Experience Intelligence (TXi), turning to Amazon SageMaker to build, train and deploy machine learning models to power its brand performance forecasting, linguistic analysis, and creative content analysis.

It will also scale the use of AWS Glue for serverless data discovery, preparation, and integration as it automates its measurement solutions; and will deploy Amazon Bedrock, AWS’ fully managed service for building and scaling generative AI applications, to test, develop and pioneer next-generation, AI-driven applications that promise to reshape the landscape of creative, data and technology solutions.

Fluency chief data and tech officer Amar Vyas (pictured) said: “We are on a mission to revolutionise the use of data in the media, marketing and advertising industry, and our relationship with AWS heralds a new era in bringing frictionless AI-powered solutions to our clients globally. Together, we are not just envisioning the future; we are building it.”

Fluency’s latest product, TXi (Total Experience Intelligence) launches next month and was built using AWS.
It is claimed the TXi platform transforms the customer experience arena for marketing, capturing the “full lens of brand touchpoints”, including full-channel communications, behaviour, perceptions, interactions, and decisions.

By analysing vast volumes of data – spanning premium, public, and client’s first-party sources – TXi pinpoints where a brand is winning or losing against its competition and guides next best actions with key audiences in focus.

Fluency maintains that, with TXi at their disposal, marketers can make better informed decisions, drive deeper value from their campaigns, and optimise their brands’ overall brand experience.

AWS general manager for the UK & Ireland Jeff Johnson commented: “We are proud to support Fluency as it continues to drive innovation in the industry. Using AWS’ solutions, and the inherent flexibility, scalability and security of the cloud, Fluency can accelerate the development of data-driven solutions that will help brands to better reach and engage with their audiences.”

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