Ocean Bottle makes TV debut with Sky Zero campaign

Ocean bottleSocial impact brand Ocean Bottle is making its TV debut to support its mission to save our oceans, highlighting the fact that by 2050, plastic is expected to outweigh all fish in the sea, and now, more than ever, it is time for change.

The 2023 Sky Zero Footprint Fund finalist Ocean impressed judges last year with its sustainability credentials and potential impact, securing £250,000 in media value for its national TV campaign.

Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles in weight. Collectors exchange plastic for money and get access to social resources such as healthcare, education and financial security. So far, Ocean Bottle has collected 14,164,500kg of plastic via its partners: grassroots organisations in coastal communities in countries such as Indonesia, India and Ghana – the equivalent to 1 billion plastic bottles in weight.

Ocean Bottle’s TV campaign, created by Hatch London, will air across a mix of Sky Media’s linear and video on demand platforms, tapping into Sky Media’s Performance Solution team to optimise delivery in real-time to maximise response.

The VOD activity aims to drive brand awareness through the ‘Must See VOD’ package, featuring a wide range of Sky’s premium content. The first wave of the campaign will run until July 11 2024.

The campaign aims to spread the Ocean Bottle message and connect viewers to the plastic-pollution crisis by depicting a strange yet dystopian world where plastic replaces fish.

Scenes show a girl winning a plastic bottle in a bag of water at the funfair, a woman picking which plastic bottle she would like at the fish counter in a supermarket, and a man serving a battered plastic bottle at the fish and chip shop.

The campaign’s message is clear: Buy 1, Rescue 1,000 – with an Ocean Bottle anyone can directly contribute to protecting the health of our oceans.

The creative was crafted and produced in partnership with Hatch London and follows best practice advice and recommendations from the Advertising Association’s AdGreen programme.

Ocean Bottle CEO and co-founder Will Pearson said: “Ocean Bottle was created to give people an easy way to contribute, have an impact, and make a difference when it comes to protecting our ocean.

“We’re so proud to be one of Sky Zero’s Footprint Fund finalists to spread this message further and empower more individuals to drive positive change. With Sky Zero’s backing, we’ve been able to create a truly impactful campaign that we hope will get even more people hydrated while helping the ocean at the same time.”

Sky Media director of planning Sarah Jones added: “The Footprint Fund celebrates brands that make sustainability accessible and impactful. Ocean Bottle’s innovative and thought-provoking campaign does just that. We are thrilled to help bring this creative vision to life and anticipate it will inspire significant positive change in consumer behaviour towards reusable products.”

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