Oxfam launches DRTV ad to push ‘clean water’ solution

oxfamOxfam is launching a DRTV campaign to promote how a simple “Oxfam bucket” – which costs just £3 – can save countless lives by providing clean drinking water to those in need.
The 60 second ad, devised by WPN Chameleon, focuses on the tangible solution of the Oxfam bucket, and demonstrates what donors’ contributions will go towards. It comprises emotional film footage from the field, which connects the audience by watching people drink water that is clearly filthy and disgusting.
The ad goes on to show a demonstration by Oxfam spokesman Ian Bray at the Oxfam warehouse, which stores many of these buckets and other emergency supplies.
The tightly fitting lid keeps dirt, germs and insects out, and the tap lets people get water out without having to dip hands or bowls into it.
The charity says that every day millions of children take a risk every time they take a drink, because their only water is filthy and full of killer diseases. And, every day, 1,400 children die. The ad goes on to explain what makes the Oxfam bucket special and asks for the price of one bucket: just £3.
Oxfam marketing and communications officer Hannah Davies said:  “This simple innovation has saved lives and provided practical support for families around the world – and it costs just £3. We want our supporters to know their £3 does make a real difference and that there are many tangible ways to tackle poverty. Together, we can keep clean water flowing.”
WPN Chameleon creative director Bob Nash added: “The Oxfam Bucket is an iconic design that says so much about Oxfam’s decades of expertise in the area of emergency water provision. It is amazing that such a simple an inexpensive item can really save lives, but it does exactly that every day around the world.”

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