Personalisation gives Domino’s big slice of the market

dominoThe jury is still be out on the value of online personalisation but pizza giant Domino’s is definitely reaping the benefits after increasing customer lifetime value, customer purchases and achieving an impressive ROI through a new targeted ad strategy.

While already embracing channels like social, Spotify and specific websites, thanks to its single customer view database, like many other brands Domino’s had not previously seen a healthy return on investment from standard digital display ads.

Domino’s head of digital and CRM Karl Boyce said: “There are so many businesses fighting for that pizza or takeaway occasion, and they have deep pockets. We need to be on the front foot when it comes to driving efficiency through data – using our data architecture and understanding of our customers to outsmart competitors. All the while, measuring effectively using a mix of econometrics, last click and revenue incrementality. That’s our mantra – to outsmart rather than outspend.”

Enter Publicis-owned Conversant, which launched the digital display ad campaign at the tail end of last year that harnessed data to identify and reach 3.1 million consumers with a spend of just £113,000.

By helping Domino’s to further activate its first-party data, Conversant used its transaction-driven ID map of British consumers to identify and reach the right consumers at scale, simultaneously optimising media buying for measurable return.

This enabled Domino’s to match customers down to a single, pseudonymous customer contact ID, tracking that customer accurately from media delivery through to order. The solution allows delivery of automated, personalised messaging to increase new and existing customer lifetime value, driving purchases across its customer base.

And the results are more “American Hot” than “Margherita”, with the campaign achieving an ROI of nearly 10:1, bringing in sales of over £1m.

Conversant senior vice president Elliott Clayton said: “We ensured to take the time to really get under the skin of the Domino’s business and truly understand its operational and business challenges before outlining the best strategy. This also meant being fully transparent and engaging with all stakeholders, particularly the likes of the data security and the legal team. We knew we’d then be able to deliver and prove the desired return for Domino’s.”

Domino’s Boyce added: “Many marketers are trying to drive value in their data, so they’re having conversations with board members about getting that data architecture in place, managing compliance and creating audience segments. It is a costly, time-consuming part of anybody’s role. For us to be able to create an audience sample and visibly show a return is music to the ears of any head of department trying to validate a business case to their board.”

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