Posterscope boosts insight with new OOH planning tool

digital postersOutdoor media specialist Posterscope is claiming to have boosted audience insight by fusing its proprietary consumer data platform with an industry-wide measurement scheme to enable planners to plan and buy OOH against a client’s core audience.
The new scheme, dubbed OCS Route Fusion, has been formed from combining Route, the joint industry OOH advertising system, with Posterscope’s location analytics, planning and trading platform, the Out-of-Home Consumer Survey (OCS).
The company claims that it will allow planners to quickly and easily recreate their clients’ precise planning audience, and then plan and optimise OOH campaigns against this at the same time as the much broader traditional buying audience.
It is claimed that this new depth of insight within OCS will also enable Posterscope to proactively analyse coverage and frequency and plan against audiences expressing interest in key moments such as sporting events, calendar events like Easter and Christmas, or environmental factors such as the weather, time of day and location.
Posterscope insight director Russell Smither said: “Clients and agencies spend a significant amount of time, energy and money understanding target audiences, creating segmentations and then recreating these in media planning surveys such as TGI, OCS and Touchpoints to generate media and OOH insights.
“By fusing OCS with Route we have streamlined the planning process which will significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of campaigns, among the audiences that clients most want to reach.”
Posterscope insists this personalised approach to planning will lead to more accurate and efficient outdoor campaigns and mean advertisers are reaching more of the people they most want to talk to.
For example, the company claims a rail digital six sheet campaign planned around “moments that matter” using the new OCS Route Fusion audience of “Men 25-64 who look forward to the Easter break” would deliver 40% more gross rating points (GRPs) than the more traditional buying audience of Men 25-64.
Similarly, using an OCS Route Fusion audience of “Men 25-64 who get excited around major sporting events”, a rail digital six sheet campaign would deliver 21% more GRPs than the more traditional buying audience of Men 25-64.

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