Proof is in the pudding: 1970s desserts make comeback

roly polyFurther proof that British consumers’ are returning to the 1970s has emerged with new sales data showing Viennetta, Arctic Roll and Jam Roly Poly are enjoying a renaissance, as shoppers prioritise frozen puddings to reduce food waste during the cost of living squeeze.

With everyone seemingly on strike, skint or both, last month eBay revealed motorists were becoming more frugal with their spending, with many opting to buy pre-owned car parts, pulling on their overalls and turning to DIY to fix their cars.

Now, according to Ocada, its frozen dessert range has witnessed a 31% growth in sales during first two months of the year, meaning nostalgic classics are firmly back on the menu.

Sales of Viennetta, a staple of many childhoods, are up by 55%, with Viennetta Mint more than doubling at 124%. Arctic Roll has also performed strongly despite the chillier weather, with sales up 143% on the same period last year.

M&S Frozen Meringue Roulades (+33%), Coppenrath & Wiese Apple Strudel (+63%) and Aunt Bessie’s Jam Roly Poly (+59%) have also enjoyed a renaissance, with consumers increasingly looking to fill freezers with longer-lasting foods.

Chilled classics that are suitable for freezing have also performed well, with Sticky Toffee Pudding and Bread & Butter Pudding both more than tripling in sales, up 201%.

Ocado Retail buying manager for frozen foods Helen Munro said: “Demand for frozen desserts has grown significantly since the start of the year, despite the colder temperatures.

“Many of our customers are looking to waste less so are opting for products that last longer, and frozen desserts fit that bill nicely. Desserts are one of life’s little luxuries that allow us to enjoy a sweet treat.”

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