Renault dealers get behind the wheel to drive marketing

renaultRenault UK is rolling out a new marketing platform to its dealerships which has not only ushered in “on brand” consistency across all its CRM activity, it has also helped to cut the creative production cycle for campaigns from three days to just 90 minutes.

The French-owned company, which has worked with Publicis for years, is now planning on giving its dealerships far greater control by implementing Team ITG’s bespoke marketing programme, Canopy.

The car marque insists that, in trials at least, Canopy has driven huge savings and efficiencies, such as a 98% reduction in planning time, by replacing manual processes with enhanced automation.

Powered by what it claims is a “hyper-advanced” digital asset management system, the cloud-based scheme is “intuitive, elegant and has made multichannel mayhem a thing of the past for Renault”.

With all marketing materials available in one place 24/7, Renault insists each dealership across the network can now create, amend and deploy localised on-brand activity across the globe “with ease”.

Renault UK marketing director Adam Wood commented: “Canopy is now the hub for every aspect of marketing within the Renault Group due to its simplicity and complete ease of use, allowing brand compliance and powerful localised activation.”

Team ITG, formerly the Inspired Thinking Group, was founded in 2009 in Birmingham and has since expanded with office in London, New York, and Amsterdam. It has recently been named one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe by both the FT and The Sunday Times, with the latter listing it as one of the top 10 UK companies for international sales growth.

The company’s marketing technology, supported by 220 staff and a 24-hour creative production studio, already manages the global marketing operations of over 100 major brands, including Heineken, Škoda, Jaguar Land Rover, Puma, M&S, David Lloyd Leisure and Virgin Media.

Founder and CEO Simon Ward said: “We’re on a mission to liberate marketers. Our blended model of technology and services allow us to rapidly deploy bespoke solutions built around individual client needs, delivering efficiencies and creating fast, agile marketing partnerships.”

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