Sagacity unveils embedded ‘rapid’ data cleaning tool

data_newbieData consultancy Sagacity Solutions is launching a new embedded cleansing tool for customer data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Shopify, which it is claimed can clean files directly from within a source system in under an hour.

Developed in partnership with software developer and Sagacity, and available now via Microsoft AppSource and shortly in the Shopify App Store, Datawise improves the quality, accuracy, and completeness of marketing data with automated cleansing capabilities.

It is claimed that Datawise removes the need to extract data from source systems for cleansing and then import back for data updates, saving both time and effort and reducing errors that may occur through manual data extraction, cleansing, and import processes.

Using Sagacity’s data cleansing solutions, The Bereavement Register, GAS and GASR, Datawise identifies individuals who have passed away or moved home, finding new addresses for moved individuals.

Data is automatically cleansed and updated monthly, using advanced algorithms and cleansing techniques to improve data quality and accuracy, ensuring consistent and reliable information for sales and marketing campaigns. All data is handled securely and in compliance with data protection regulations, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of customer information.

Sagacity maintains that Datawise can also enhance the quality of data by eliminating errors and inconsistencies, enabling marketing departments and individuals to make informed business decisions. It reduces wasted marketing spend by identifying records unable to respond and protects brands from reputational damage that may occur through contacting customers who have moved or passed way.

Datawise came about through a chance meeting between Sagacity business development director Chris Turner and managing director Victor Heijke.

Turner explained: “Over a couple of whiskeys, we stumbled upon a shared desire to assist organisations to ensure the data they use is accurate and fit for purpose

“This casual conversation laid the foundation for a successful partnership, and we are delighted to have launched Datawise, providing businesses with a tool they need to succeed in an ever-evolving marketing landscape.”

Heijke added: “Working on Datawise gave us not only the opportunity to build cool and nifty technology but to also use this technology and our long-standing experience to add value for our customers.

“The partnership with Sagacity has created one fantastic team working to deliver the best data solutions for our customers. It has been a great experience, and it is now time to give our customers that experience as well.”

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