Tech giants join forces to tackle data sharing issues

TechWith most tech giants still struggling to come to terms with GDPR, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter have at least done something to make it easier for users to share data between platforms, in line with one of the regulation’s core tenets.
A new standards initiative called the Data Transfer Project currently the system supports data transfers for mail, contacts, calendars, photos and tasks using publicly available APIs from Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and other services.
While these transfers can often be completed through other means, the companies behind the project hope that it could one day replace conventional APIs.
In a blog post, Facebook’s privacy and public policy director Steve Satterfield explained the kinds of problems the DTP hopes to solve: “Moving your data between any two services can be complicated because every service is built differently and uses different types of data that may require unique privacy controls and settings.
“For example, you might use an app where you share photos publicly, a social networking app where you share updates with friends, and a fitness app for tracking your workouts. People increasingly want to be able to move their data among different kinds of services like these, but they expect that the companies that help them do that will also protect their data.”

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