Telegraph ties with TNT Doordrop

Telegraph ties with TNT DoordropTelegraph Media Group has signed a deal with TNT Post Doordrop Media to expand its insert programme by offering postcode targeted marketing campaigns, including consumer packs, magazine distribution and in-home sampling.
Dubbed Telegraph Reach, it has been described as allowing “significantly greater audience engagement and an audience that is not constrained by circulation or print run”.
The Telegraph is the first media group to partner with TNT in this way and it will also encompass cross-media campaigns.
Nick Barnard, head of at Telegraph Reach, said: “This new deal with TNT Post will allow us to deliver a precisely targeted audience providing greater value to our clients and audience.”
Meanwhile, TNT Post Doordrop Media innovation director Robert Marriott told PrintWeek: “When you start to think about the different things we can distribute, and then put targeting behind that, it becomes an ‘intelligent doordrop’.”
TNT already manages hundreds of doordrop campaigns annually, and can call on a nationwide distribution team of 15,000 people. “It is geared towards the major population centres, but is a fully national network,” Marriott said.

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