Tesco signs deal with global product sourcing platform

tesco 414Tesco is aiming to ensure that its supply chain is running smoothly by signing up to a new global product sourcing tech platform to support its buying teams with access to the most relevant products its customers demand.

RangeMe was first launched in 2014 and is now used by over 12,000 retail buyers in the UK, Benelux region, North America, and Asia Pacific.

Buyers can filter searches to find brands and products meeting sourcing needs, with connectivity and collaboration with suppliers, and access curated collections to help identify and understand category trends and emerging brands.

RangeMe claims to have established itself as the industry leader for retail product discovery and sourcing by becoming the world’s largest source of brands and products purchased by retail buyers.

Suppliers can showcase their range on the platform, bring new products to market, increase brand visibility, and grow sales, while retail buyers use RangeMe to discover new products, search trends, and communicate directly with brands.

RangeMe chief executive Nicky Jackson said: “We launched in the UK a few months ago and today Tesco, the largest grocer and supermarket chain in the country, has joined forces with us. We welcome them to our community of top retailers from around the world to transform their product sourcing experience.

“This is also an extraordinary opportunity for British suppliers to showcase their products directly to Tesco buyers and put their best foot forward.”

This deal will give suppliers around the world – and especially in the UK – direct access to one of the biggest names in retail. RangeMe claims to help suppliers build their retail relationships with a platform that gives them the tools and insights to manage their products, market their brand, and build awareness.

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