Tourism Ireland hunts ‘influencers’

Tourism Ireland is the first company to sign up to a new social media analytical tool, called Inspire, which claims to directly measure and attribute a sales value to brand influencers.
The scheme has been launched by Indicia, formerly agency Entire and data specialist MarketingDatabasics. It has been developed to work across many channels, including email, social networks, text messaging and offline platforms such as sponsorship and direct mail.
Inspire was developed to help companies find the influencers among their customers; the individuals who willingly spread ideas and spark conversations with their friends, colleagues and contacts. With the influencer community identified and quantified, Inspire claims it can help brands make the most out of social media by developing communications strategies that harness customers’ ability to connect.
As well as identifying influencers, Indicia says the scheme can also help brands pinpoint other similar customers who have the potential to become advocates for the brand.
Indicia managing director Ian Stockley said: “For any brand, influencers are an immensely valuable resource, but until now, it hasn’t always been obvious who these people are. Inspire is the first offering on the market to identify these people, but more importantly also measure their reach and value, giving brands the unique ability to understand the power of the individual’s influence. Ultimately, it offers profound insight into who coaxes and cajoles interaction with your brand.”

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