UX and CRM chiefs big winners as firms splash cash

loadsamoneyUser experience professionals have seen their pay soar by nearly 50% over the past three years, pipping CRM bosses on 30% as companies shell out “loadsamoney” in an effort to hire the best talent to ensure they get closer to their customers, according to the latest marketing sector salary survey from  recruitment group Aquent/Vitamin T.
The data has been compiled from 2017 UK placements the company has made for professional marketers, creatives and digital specialists, and shows UX architects  have seen their pay rise by 47% over three years to an average £70,000, while CRM marketers’ wages have gone up 28% to £67,500.
Meanwhile, web analysts (up 27% to £70,000), packaging and graphic designers (up 28% to £35,000 and £45,000 respectively) and event managers (up 40% to £67,500) have all seen big increases.
However, creative directors’ salaries, along with artworkers and retouchers, have not changed in the past three years. The average creative director’s salary is still an impressive £92,000 and experienced artworkers and retouchers are on about £40,000.
Aquent UK country manager Mike Berry said: “Marketing is a fast moving, responsive industry and brands have had to react quickly to find new ways to reach their audiences and to assess success. Certain skills are in high demand, driven by the move to digital and increased use of big data, so it’s no surprise roles like developers and analysts have seen large salary increases.
“While events management may seem an unexpected role to see a big jump this has been driven by the increased demand from brands for more experiential events and the need to reach people in the real world, beyond digital.”
He added: “Employers are keen to recognise and reward talent but they are operating in a challenging market. The overall salary picture for marketing employees is more positive than the broader UK one, where the average salary increase is forecast to be 2.9%.”

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