Whole Lotta Love? AI song is Valentine’s Day massacre

heart-3147976_1920With artificial intelligence “use cases” spanning everything from healthcare, policing and finance to marketing, education and robotics, many people may be asking when the music industry is going to tune up the technology to devise the perfect hit.

Possibly never, if the results of an experiment which used data science to write the greatest ever love song is anything to go.  In fact, Burt Bacharach and Carole King can rest easy.

Timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day – of course – the ditty is the brainchild of digital agency Search Laboratory, which used bespoke AI software to try to come up with the best love song of all time.

Based on its Recurrent Neural Network, using Google’s open-source machine learning software, TensorFlow, the tune took the best bits from 999 of the world’s greatest love songs, creating the rather bizarrely titled “Downtiration, Tender Love”.

Here is a sample: “Downtiration Tender love, So we don’t get Feelin’ you say, Why if a lovely other need, And turned in sweetn smile and Sup, in ‘downtiration Tender love, Lamil’ like Love, love, love, love beautiful waiting Will, keep us to the same, you and me, That’s what you go, woo.” Captain Beefheart eat your heart out.

According to the blurb, Search Laboratory has over 150 staff delivering international services from offices in Leeds, London and New York, delivering integrated global digital campaigns in over 30 languages, for some of the world’s best-known brands.

Luckily for those with nothing better to do, it has also recorded the song, although the lead singer could do with a large dose of Auto-Tune. Don’t give the day job yet guys…

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