Future embraces AI to boost personalised marketing

FutureFuture, the publishing company behind Total Film, Music Week and Four Four Two, is building a 360-degree profile of its customers and embracing artificial intelligence as part of plans to deliver customised and personal marketing across website, email and mobile platforms.
The company has over 200 print publications, apps, websites and events, in fields such as video games, technology, film, music and home, and attracts about 57 million cross-platform visits each month, with 250,000 digital subscribers worldwide.
It is implementing the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform, as well as the ‘Offer AI’ service which uses bespoke artificial intelligence algorithms to predict the behaviour of visitors.
It is claimed that Offer AI modifies content displayed in real-time based on large volumes of data, which includes behavioural data, universal profile and contextual information.
Future hopes that by delivering personalised engagement, based on users’ preferences, it will be able to offer a better service to all of its customers.
Future chief marketing officer David Walmsley said: “Putting Selligent’s AI capabilities at the heart of our marketing will enable us to reach higher levels of contextual relevance across all digital channels, whilst making our day-to-day marketing operations simpler and more efficient.”.
Selligent Marketing Cloud chief executive John Hernandez added: “Success in today’s media and publishing industry is not only driven by giving customers great content but also an exceptional customer experience. By connecting all customer data, publishers are better able to uncover insights that drive subscription rates, click-throughs, referrals and more. We look forward to helping Future to achieve all of this and deliver true personalisation and relevance to its customers.”

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