Hudl ‘will build Tesco customer links’

atkinsonTesco marketing chief Matt Atkinson has claimed the Hudl tablet is way more than just a product launch; saying it is designed to build “a single and direct relationship with customers”, amid claims it could be a “huge seller”.
Atkinson, who joined the retailer from its DM agency Havas EHS two years ago, has written a blog post to coincide with the launch, which sees the Hudl retail for £119 – or under £100 if bought through the Clubcard Boost scheme.
It will also be well placed to mine customer data as DunnHumby will have an even more direct link to consumers’ buying behaviour.
He said: “We’ve designed Hudl specifically for our customers because we care about the experience they have when they’re shopping with us. No other tablets on the market have been built with Tesco customers in mind. [The Hudl] is more than just a product launch. It’s about having a single and direct relationship with customers, where everything they need from us is in one place and so more convenient for them.
“Our customers have also told us that although they like the idea of the benefits a tablet can bring, they sometimes feel intimidated about using one. So the challenge was clear – to introduce a tablet that is convenient, with a great spec, that not only provides all the features and content our customers are looking for, but is also easy to use and family friendly.”
He added: “Since I’ve worked at Tesco, I’ve come to realise that it has innovation built into its DNA. It’s a special kind of innovation though – where the most important ideas are those that are accessible to many, not just a few.
“And that’s the thinking behind Hudl – a digital revolution for everyone. For us it’s just the start.”
The Hudl, which comes preloaded with the Blinkbox film and TV app, Clubcard TV, as well as its own banking and shopping apps, has received positive reviews from the technology press, with many expressing their surprise at its good performance.
On Gizmodo, under the headline ‘Tesco Hudl Android tablet not rubbish shocker’, one reviewer wrote: “Given the tech, the price and relatively ‘vanilla’ version of Android it comes with, this is looking like it might be a rather huge seller.” Meanwhile, on PC Advisor another reviewer wrote: “Despite the budget price, the Hudl… is much better than we expected.”

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