LiveRamp adtech system ‘achieves ROI of up to 340:1’

data2As marketers stress over how to replace third-party cookies and Apple’s advertising software, an independent study claims that brands which have implemented LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution have witnessed a return on investment of more than 340:1.

LiveRamp insists its platform has been adopted by hundreds of publishers, brands and platforms across the globe, including in the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and Japan.

More than 70 demand and supply platforms and over 400 publishers, including 70% of the Comscore 20 and 65% of the Comscore 50, have also adopted ATS to offer marketers a more efficient way to reach their customers and measure campaign outcomes without third-party cookies or device identifiers.

Publishers are leveraging ATS to enable people-based inventory and improve monetisation, including Microsoft Advertising, the world’s second-largest publisher, which has seen a larger than 40% increase in cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) on authenticated impressions.

Other notable publishers who have adopted ATS include, CafeMedia, Tubi, and The McClatchy Company in the US; Dennis Publishing, eBay Classifieds Group UK, and IDG in the UK; Burda Community Network in Germany; and Cricket Australia, the first in-app publisher signed, among others.

Tubi chief revenue officer Mark Rotblat commented: “TV viewers are now well-integrated into streaming environments, which are fragmented across a wide variety of device platforms for advertisers. This makes the marketer’s challenge of reaching and measuring a target audience multi-dimensional, and having a people-based identifier is important to ensure that advertising campaigns are relevant across channels and devices.

“LiveRamp helps enable authenticated, first-party relationships with our viewers so we can continue to deliver impactful experiences, at scale.”

A new Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, commissioned by LiveRamp, has found advertisers who use LiveRamp’s ATS can achieve 343:1 ROI over three years, with payback within only six months of initial investment.

Worldwide, over 100 brands across verticals have embraced ATS as a durable and valuable solution for seamless activation, measurement and attribution across display, mobile in-app, connected TV and OTT. Compared to campaigns using third-party cookies, marketers saw significant improvement with LiveRamp, including a 403% increase in travel bookings for a leading international hotel chain and an average 84.3% increase in sustained return on ad spend (ROAS) from multiple brands over the past year.

Danone director of media analytics and data strategy Manuel Cimarosti said:”Even before the phasing out of third-party cookies, we have been leveraging alternative identifiers to deliver more relevant marketing and improve marketing outcomes, especially in online video campaigns as consumers increase time spent with video.

“In the first test alone, ATS delivered a 4% increase in video completion rate on top of 40% more efficient cost metrics when compared to the cookie. These results are invaluable as we continue growing our first-party relationship with consumers across more touchpoints, and reinvest the savings to increase our reach.”

LiveRamp chief executive Scott Howe concluded: “The digital industry is undergoing massive shifts with the end of third-party cookies and mobile device identifiers. We set out to create the neutral and interoperable infrastructure for this new era, and the incredible, worldwide adoption of ATS proves we’ve done just that.

“Simply put, ATS places publishers and marketers in control of their data. It generates better results for marketers, higher yields for publishers and provides the opportunity for greater transparency. Over 100 brands use ATS, including clients through agency partnerships, and we expect this number only to grow.”

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