Mailing house industry body SMP launches online portal

judith-donovan-2The Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP), the industry group set up to promote direct mail and build closer ties between mailing houses, Royal Mail and private postal operators, has launched an online hub to build further support as well as increase co-operation between all members of the mail community.
The SMP, which is sponsored by Royal Mail, was first established in 2008 but relaunched earlier this year. Since then it has secured an agreement between Royal Mail and its fiercest rivals Whistl, UK Mail and Secured Mail to work closer together for the benefit of the entire direct mail sector.
The new portal brings together the latest news from the SMP as well as information about the launch and history of the SMP, which was to represent the interests of mailing houses across the UK.
There are also contact details and a dedicated page encouraging people in the mailing industry to sign up and become SMP members.
SMP chair Judith Donovan (pictured) said: “We are thrilled to see that the SMP now has a website where members can catch-up on the latest news and interact with one another. We’re hoping it will also be a great platform for potential new members to join us and keep strengthening the SMP.”
Royal Mail wholesale director of network access Jenny Ledgar added: “The addition of the SMP website will give us even more opportunity to talk to our valued members to support them to make mail even better for our customers.
“The website will provide a convenient portal for members to access all the up to date information on the mailing industry and Royal Mail.”

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