New industry body to tackle threat to outbound calling

cold call 2Brand owners, telemarketers, data professionals and trade bodies are being urged to join a new industry group which is being launched to address the challenges sparked by a raft of legislation – including GDPR, the EU ePrivacy Regulation and the Digital Economy Act – amid fears that outbound calling and tens of thousands of jobs are under threat.
The launch of the Telephone Compliance Council (TCC) has evolved out of Decision Marketing‘s campaign calling for reform of the Telephone Preference Service, driven by concerns that the 18-year-old scheme is no longer fit for purpose.
The TCC will represent all business sectors to address the wider challenge the industry faces; it will be independent of the Decision Marketing campaign.
The organisation insists its name reflects the strategic long-term aim to create outbound call regulation that robustly protects the public from rogue calls, and allows compliant businesses to make targeted communications through opt-out based regulation.
The TCC represents the interests of a wide cross-section of businesses that rely on the telephone for contacting the public. It has already signed up a number of members operating across sectors including the motor industry, healthcare, and the home improvement market. Details will be made public at the group’s official launch.
Due to the broad involvement from across the corporate environment, the organisation is designed to be a rallying point for responsible commercial use of the telephone.
The TCC is drafting proposed regulation to put to Government ministers and the Information Commissioner’s Office to be considered for adoption as part of legislation that will include replacement of the current Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation. An initial draft has been produced and is now going through a review stage.
A TCC spokesman said: “There is a very real danger the ability to talk with members of the public will be taken away from marketers. The big threat is the theory that opt-in regulation, which will amount to a ban for most companies, will prevent rogue calling. The problem is rogue operators will ignore new rules in the same way they ignore current ones.
“The TCC will be lobbying and creating awareness of the need to establish regulation that robustly protects the public, and allows freedom for ethically compliant companies to make calls.”
The TCC is open for any company, organisation or individual to join, and all members are encouraged to contribute ideas.  Further information about the TCC, is obtainable from

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