Top fashion brand hails data strategy for online lift

DVFDesigner label Diane von Furstenberg – sported by the likes of Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel and Naomi Watts – has hailed the implementation of data-driven technology for a major boost in brand engagement and customer loyalty.
The company now attributes 11% of its revenue to an ecommerce programme designed by Qubit Pro following an online overhaul which has seen it introduce experiences like social proof, basket reminders, user-specific offers and smart email collection experiences, all served at moments defined by an individual’s behaviour and intent.
Bag reminders alone have driven substantial revenue, while offers have seen a 20% conversion rate among those targeted.
Qubit Aura, the AI-powered product discovery solution, curates one-to-one experiences for visitors to the mobile website and allows them to see more of the product catalogue and more of what is relevant to them.
With hundreds of products available at any one time, artificial intelligence is the only way the brand can ensure relevancy on mobile, especially given the confines of the small screen and attention spans.
While mobile now accounts for over 50% of traffic and continues to grow, the challenge is that mobile revenue is significantly less than 50% of web revenue. By using Qubit Aura, Diane von Furstenberg has increased conversion on mobile by four times for those that use the solution.
Senior director of ecommerce Felipe Araujo said: “As a brand, we’re under pressure to maintain growth and revenue in a highly competitive landscape, particularly from online-only retailers.
“The luxury industry itself has seen a major shift towards ecommerce, with 40% of purchases now influenced by online content. Previously luxury brands defined themselves by an exclusive in-store experience; this change in focus, combined with an online presence that required updating, was the catalyst behind our decision to implement Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura.”
Qubit’s clients also include Joe Browns, Clinique, Net-a-Porter, Ann Summers and Hobbs.

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