WPNC pumps up craft beer online hub Brew Republic

BrewRepublicGlassBrew Republic, a new online club and ecommerce proposition for fans of craft beer designed to bring brewers and beer drinkers closer together, is unveiling a pilot launch to consumers.
Agency WPNC helped to create the brand, along with its customer proposition, website and full UX/ecommerce strategy with the aim of creating a consistent customer experience and journey across channels.
Brew Republic will use an online subscription model, so WPNC has prioritised a “rich experience” to engage and enthuse new customers, with the aim of driving sign-ups and long-term engagement.
The pilot is being supported by the website and digital marketing activity, including a social media campaign that will feature Facebook ads and landing pages, to build interest in the brand.
Following initial research into consumer attitudes towards craft beer and beer clubs, WPNC conducted follow-up interviews with fans and brewers, to uncover people’s motivations for buying and drinking craft beer.
WPNC then developed customer profiles and the new proposition. The agency also ran several collaborative workshops to develop aspects such as product propositions and customer journey planning, as well as establishing elements for the design and creation of the Brew Republic brand, logos and other imagery.
Brew Republic’s key audiences include people who are passionate about independent craft beer and happy to try a wide range of ales. The audience also includes curious consumers who want to understand more about what craft beer is and impress their friends.
Consumers’ interest in discovering different beers on the market, but with support and guidance from experts, was a major insight from the research. They also take pride in trying and buying beer from genuinely local, independent brewers, and hearing their stories.
Content for the website and campaign will showcase the independent brewers behind Brew Republic’s beers in a regularly updated series of profiles, including videos and photography. It will also offer guidance and beer drinking tips, although whether they will need much help with that remains to be seen…
WPNC managing director John Eversley said: “Brew Republic is where the world’s independent brewers share the passion and craft that go into every fresh brew. After spending time listening to beer fans, we realised that showcasing independent brewers would really help build interest in the new brand.”
As part of the pilot, customers will be able to buy sharing packs of various beers, which they can enjoy with friends.
Brew Republic commercial director Michael Johnson added: “WPNC is a valued partner, working with us across new product development, marketing and ecommerce. The team’s been brilliant to work with and we are currently working together on other new initiatives.
“It has been a smooth and collaborative process. Now we’re keen to see the results that this unique engagement with craft beer fans will bring.”

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