Acxiom joins forces for launch of Media Data Platform

data_driven2IPG-owned data company Acxiom has joined forces with Treasure Data and Kinesso to launch a platform that will overlay brands’ first-party data on to a raft of second- and third-party sources in a secure environment to reduce companies’ reliance on cookies.

The so-called “Media Data Platform” is a response to continued changes around the deprecation of third-party cookies, attitudes to privacy and tighter market regulations.

Acxiom insists that a successful transition to a first-party data strategy is vital for brands looking to acquire customers, with the new platform augmenting second and third-party solutions already in place.

The company maintains the MDP solution enables B2C marketers to continue to reach the right prospects in the right channels for marketing acquisition use cases, regardless of the planned deprecation of the third-party cookie.

By utilising a brand’s first-party data, it enables advertisers to create high value audiences using data matching techniques to drive higher performance across their advertising and marketing technology-backed programmes.

The MDP solution combines Acxiom InfoBase, customer data platform technology from Treasure Data and Kinesso media expertise.

Acxiom maintains its InfoBase solution can enrich a brand’s first-party customer data, while Treasure Data’s CDP enables businesses to create connected customer experiences by analysing and interpreting disparate data silos to fuel insights, personalisation and achieve operational efficiency.

It is claimed the MDP relieves brands of a total reliance on third-party cookies and “walled gardens” for media as it can be used in conjunction with or outside of the walled gardens, and with or without CDPs.

With a diverse array of connectors, brands have the ability and flexibility to work with whoever fits a requirement best, and not tied to a specific vendor or partner, Acxiom reckons, and by building their own first-party datasets, brands can create data assets and brand experiences with digital responsibility by design, with far more brand control than ever before.

Acxiom head of international Mike Menzer said: “Today, effective marketing is impossible without having the right customer data in place. The Media Data Platform solution brings together the best capabilities of three market-leading experts, giving brands the advantage they need as they transition away from an over-reliance on third-party data and third-party cookies for acquisition strategies, to growing and high-performing first-party data assets and solutions.”

Treasure Data head of strategic alliances Jonathan von Abo added: “As we continue on the path of third-party cookie deprecation, the MDP will help organisations overcome the risks by allowing them to leverage first-party data in a more powerful and effective, yet secure manner.”

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