Clubcard mailings under threat in new Tesco shake-up

clubcard 2Tesco is aiming to appease disgruntled Clubcard customers, who have vented their anger over a raft of cutbacks to the scheme, by allowing members to cash in their vouchers without having to wait up to three months for rewards to arrive.
From August 28, the supermarket giant will launch a new “faster vouchers” scheme, which allows customers to request vouchers online or via the Clubcard app, according to
The points are then turned into vouchers within 24 hours and can be downloaded and printed, or redeemed in-store via a mobile phone. The move is likely to put the future of Clubcard mailings – a mainstay of the programme since its launch in 1995 – under threat, although this has not been confirmed.
Customers will need to have at least 150 Tesco store or Tesco Bank points, worth £1.50, to exchange them online.
The vouchers will then be valid for a minimum of 21 months from the date that they are converted, although at the moment, Clubcard vouchers are valid for two years.
MoneySavingExpert consumer specialist Megan French said: “There are still some questions over how the scheme will work – as this hasn’t yet been officially announced, we don’t have full details.
“But on the face of it this is a welcome change for Clubcard holders, and finally brings the Clubcard scheme up to date for users who would prefer not to have to wait months for their vouchers to arrive through the post.”
The supermarket giant insists take up of the programme, which launched in 2015, has virtually dried up, claiming it is only used by fewer than one in eight customers.
Last month, with Tesco Clubcard members took to social media in their droves following the annoucement that the firm was axing its Brand Guarantee scheme.
It faced a similar backlash in January when it revealed it was slashing the value of Clubcard Boost rewards by 25%, an outcry which led to the changes being delayed by five months.

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