Customers take swipe at Tesco over new Clubcard cuts

clubcard2Tesco is facing a customer backlash over yet another overhaul of its Clubcard loyalty scheme, which has seen the value of its rewards with many Clubcard Boost partners slashed by 25%.
Under the scheme, customers have been able to get four times the value of vouchers with most partner firms – including Pizza Express, Zizzi, Cafe Rouge and London Zoo – and twice the value of others.
But in a move which the retailer claims will “make things easier”, the majority of partners will now offer only three times the value of  vouchers.
Tesco is also slashing mailing costs; by the end of February, it will be sending all Reward Boost tokens by email, not by post; it is not known  whether there are plans to rolled out this strategy to the quarterly Clubcard mailshot, which currently goes to 16 million-plus customers.
Tesco said: “We’ve decided to make things easier. We’re simplifying the Clubcard rewards you can collect through the majority of our Reward Partners. Previously, you could either get 2x, 3x or 4x the value of your Clubcard vouchers – but starting from 15 January 2018, we’re making everything 3x the value.
“So you won’t have to keep checking whether you’re getting 2x, 3x or 4x the value depending on which reward you’re claiming; everything will be 3x.”
Customers are already venting their spleen on social media. On Twitter, one said: “No notice of a change in Tesco Clubcard policy giving 25% less than you were. Quite a cynical move one would say.”
Another wrote: “Just got email “to make things easier” we are reducing value of your vouchers by 25% without notice every little helps.”
On, a third customer said: “Great notice huh? Had they given their valued customers adequate notice we could have taken advantage of the x4 before it changed as I never ever purchase 2x as I don’t find it good value for money when there are so many other sites offering 2for1, 50% off etc. Very disappointed as I use their 4x on days out and meals out regularly.”
A fourth posted on Facebook: “Many thanks for your ever-so-friendly letter advising me that you’re going to make my life easier by offering three times voucher value across the majority of your reward partners rather than the four that I’ve been used to.
“Maybe you would be so kind as to explain how having less to spend on summer treats for the family is making my life ‘easier’.”

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