Critics silenced again as direct mail rises by 4.5%

direct mailDirect mail spend continues to defy all odds – and its critics – growing by 4.5% for the first half of this year, according to the latest Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report, which shows mailshots remain third only to digital and TV as the fastest growing medium.
UK adspend as a whole grew to a record high of £9.42bn in the first half of the year, up 5.8%, with surprise, surprise, digital marketing spend leading the way – up by 13.3% to reach £3.98bn.
Within that, mobile adspend grew by 52.1% and for the first time inched through the billion-pound barrier for a six-month period, reaching£1.08bn. TV grew by 7.1% for the first half of 2015.
Total UK adspend was £18.58bn last year, with the Internet making up £7.22bn (38.9%), followed by TV on £4.91bn (26.4%) and direct mail (£1.84bn).
While modest gains were recorded for radio (2.9%), cinema (2.7%) and posters (2.3%), national newspaper brands fell sharply (11.3%), and magazine brands also dropped (5.4%).
But direct mail, written off years ago by many in the marketing press, continues to show its resilience. The figures show that it grew 4.5% in the first half of this year and spend is predicted to be £1.86bn by year end and £1.88bn in 2016. That does not even include unaddressed letters, leaflets and door-drops, which will push total budgets way over the £2bn mark.
Advertising Association chief executive Tim Lefroy said: “Advertising’s resilience points to the strength of the broader economy in the first half. The UK leads the world in ecommerce and the trend to mobile means serving the public better – ads in the right place at the right time.”

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