DunnHumby launches tech lab to fuel retail innovation

RetailDunnHumby, the Tesco-owned data science business which has been one of the pioneers of data-driven marketing in the retail industry, is launching a new division designed to develop innovative technologies that expand and advance the company’s product offerings.
DunnHumby Labs will be led by DunnHumby Ventures global head Kyle Fugere, who has been with the company’s US operation nearly six years. He said: “As part of my role operating the venture capital fund, I have had the opportunity to work hand in hand, as a board member and as an advisor, with start-ups around the world.
“Now, in my dual role leading DH Labs, I am working with the team to take the lessons learned from working with high-growth start-ups and applying them to our most promising innovations. The mission is to push our team members to think like a start-up, to aggressively pursue big opportunities, and to accelerate their path to value creation.”
The DH Labs team is currently working on a number of products to transform three areas of common challenges for retailers and brands, including a mobile app, HuYu, that sources behavioural, attitudinal and lifestyle data directly from verified customers, generating insights to help companies better understand their customers and respond to their needs.
It is also developing what it calls a speed-of-thought insight tool, dubbed “OneFour”. The analytical engine rapidly calculates customer-based metrics, such as household penetration, and results that previously took hours to deliver are available in milliseconds.
Finally, DH Evolve is an automated machine-learning platform focused on solving complex retail challenges, such as understanding customer churn and predicting propensity to purchase and in every channel.
Fugere concluded: “The retail market is undergoing a massive transformation and leaders need to look beyond the immediate horizon to be successful long-term. With DunnHumby Labs, we are looking to support our retailer and packaged goods partners across the globe with bleeding edge technology and innovations, to help them better compete today and tomorrow.”

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