REaD Group revives lead-gen plan

REaD Group revives lead-gen planThe REaD Group is attempting to breathe new life into its lead generation platform Research Opinion Poll (ROP), first launched by Acxiom in 1996 as a UK population survey tool.
The relaunched ROP – which the company claims is “unique” in the sector because it does not rely on incentivised traffic – will be offered as part of REaD Group’s existing suite of suppression, lifestyle data products, marketing intelligence and analysis products.
ROP, which REaD Group acquired the rights for when it signed an exclusive deal to market all of Acxiom’s products last year, collects customer information, including key demographics and buying behaviour, ensuring each contact is a qualified and viable lead. It has been mothballed since spring 2014.
The REaD Group claims it has built on the technology’s capability by enabling marketers to ask brand-specific questions alongside the more general survey-based poll. This functionality allows individual brands to build a willing and engaged database of tens of thousands of leads, thanks to the unincentivised nature of the programme, the firm maintains.
REaD Group chief executive Jon Cano-Lopez said: “The importance of data capture in a world overflowing with information should not be underestimated. If conducted well, it ensures high quality leads, high conversion rates and, ultimately, a high ROI.
“More importantly, leads with the correct permissions for today, and tomorrow. If not, it can cost significant sums of money with no return. This is the driving ethos behind our relaunch of ROP; ensuring our clients have best-in-class leads, helping them to identify and engage new customers cost efficiently.”
Last week DecisionMarketing revealed that two former REaD Group directors – Rupert Tomalin and Dee Toomey – have joined forces to launch start-up company Dynamic Device Decisions, offering device-based software and insight services to tap into the rise of smart technology.

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  1. REaD Group are proud to re-launch Research Opinion Poll

  2. Ahead of our R.O.P Launch next week, read the press release here!

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