Ex-REaD Group duo launch start-up

ex-read group duo launch start-upFormer REaD Group directors Rupert Tomalin and Dee Toomey have joined forces to launch start-up company Dynamic Device Decisions, offering device-based software and insight services to tap into the rise of smart technology.
According to the duo, smart technology and the shift in consumer expectation presents brands with both unparalleled opportunities and significant challenges as they struggle to deliver accurate and actionable business intelligence from the big data available.
By adopting a device-specific strategy, marketers will be able to avoid a “digital door drop” culture, whereby the same marketing campaign is sent to every device and is often unreadable on many.
Trading as D3, the company is offering a suite of device and application insight services (DAIS), as well as a segmentation product designed to allow marketers to link and recognise multi-user devices to tailor their advertising accordingly.
Tomalin, whose early career included spells in marketing at Harrods and the Daily Telegraph, spent over 15 years at REaD Group businesses, including a decade at Meta-morphix – which the firm co-owned with Tri-Direct until taking full control in 2008 – nearly three years as REaD Group bureau director and two as MD of solutions at The Data Agency. He left in November 2014.
Meanwhile, Toomey started her career at Consodata in 2000, switching over to Acxiom when it bought the company four years later. She worked at REaD Group companies from 2007 until she also left last November. Having joined as credit services manager, she was promoted to managing director of Scientia and then MD of data at The Data Agency.
Toomey said: “With up to 10 channels in each device, smart marketing requires smart analytics. DAIS will allow brands to overcome these challenges and employ a context led marketing strategy by understanding and engaging with consumers using insight from their device and app behaviours – including time and location hotspots.”

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