Brands crave third-party data to supplement their own

digitalBrand owners might be ramping up their quest to build first-party data-sets but the market for third-party data continues to grow – up by more than a third in the first half of this year – with the UK leading the way.

So says a new study from Lotame Data Exchange, claimed to be one of the world’s largest second- and third-party data marketplaces, comprising billions of monthly unique users.

In H1 2022, EMEA saw a 36% increase in sales, with the UK the top-performing market. LATAM (up 229%) and APAC (up 55%) also performed strongly, albeit from a lower base.

Lotame chief executive Andy Monfried said: “As an industry, digital advertising overachieved on a global scale last year with marketers upping their investments while consumers were largely at home.

“The market is beginning to normalise as brands return to normal spend levels. What remains constant, however, is the enormous opportunity for third-party data enrichment of marketer first-party data.”

The top five audience segments across the EMEA region were: Precision Demographics; Thriller Movie Enthusiasts; IT Decision Makers; College/University Students; FIFA World Cup Tickets; and Entertainment.

With the exception of Precision Demographics, these segments differ from H1 2021, which saw dominance in Parents of Toddlers, and Cruise Travel.

The top-performing audience segments globally year on year include Travel (48% increase), Custom (42% increase), and Holidays and Special Events (41% increase), alongside Automobile brands (21%) and Technology (19%).

Lotame vice-president of data solutions EMEA Alison Harding said: “The continued growth in high-quality data sales shows that marketers understand their first-party data strategies, while vital, have real limits in application.

“Custom segments really popped in the first half of the year, a nod to the increased sophistication and test and learn approach of data-driven marketers.”

“As marketers want more data to understand, find, and get closer to customers, they apply rich datasets to a variety of use cases, whether persona building or modelling to find the next best customer.”

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