Now Tesco culls 57 partners from Clubcard rewards

tesco newbieTesco is facing further customer ire after the supermarket revealed it is cutting 57 partners from its Clubcard scheme within days, including Halfords, RED Driving School, Pickfords Removals, Viking Cruises and London attractions HMS Belfast and Cutty Sark.
The move, which Tesco says is designed to ensure “we offer the best possible range of benefits to our customers” comes just days after the retail group was forced to delay changes to the loyalty programme which see the value of its rewards with many Clubcard Boost partners slashed by 25%.
The delay followed a customer revolt, triggered by criticism that the retailer had not given loyalty scheme members prior warning of the changes.
However, Tesco could face yet another backlash over the latest cull – which represents a huge percentage of the total – as the partnerships are set to come to a close on Sunday January 28; some terminated on the January 22, yet it has still not notified customers.
This means that the deals will not be available when shoppers start receiving their Clubcard vouchers from the November to January collection quarter.
A Tesco spokesman said: “We are constantly reviewing our Clubcard Reward Partners to make sure we offer the best possible range of benefits to our customers.”

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